Publishing Your First 360° Panorama - Detailed Instructions

This article is a part of Mastering 360Cities guide, chapter Publishing Panoramas.

After you have created your 360Cities account you can finally upload your panoramas. 

Step 1: 
Upload panorama

After you've prepared your images, go to your account dashboard and select Upload from the header menu. Then simply select a panorama from your computer. Make sure the panoramas comply with the Requirements for Uploaded Panoramas. The upload will start automatically.

Tip for advanced users: You can also upload your panoramas via FTP or email.

Step 2: Get your panorama processed

It will take a few minutes to process the image. In the meantime, you can go to Panoramas-Pending in the header menu to see the panoramas being processed or to Panoramas-Unpublished to see the list of panoramas that have already been processed.

Note: You need to wait till your pano is processed before you can publish it. Panoramas uploaded via email are published automatically after they are processed.

Step 3: Edit image location and heading 

Step 4: Set the name and description

Congratulations. Once you have finished setting all the metadata you can click Publish. We'll then review your panorama.

This article is a part of Mastering 360Cities guide, chapter for Publishing Panoramas.