Publishing Panoramas on 360Cities Via Email

Now you can upload panoramas to 360Cities simply using email. This complements the current web upload and ftp upload options. The email upload option is the best and the most convenient choice for uploading from mobile and tablet devices. Currently only jpeg files are supported. Panoramas are automatically published so please make sure your file includes GPS data!

How To Upload - New 360Cities Members
Step 1: Create a new 360Cities account by simply uploading a single panorama as an attachment to
Step 2: You will receive a confirmation link as a reply.
Step 3: After opening the confirmation link, your new 360Cities account will be created and the panorama will be automatically published. 
Step 4: You will then receive a link to your newly published panorama.

How To Upload - Existing 360Cities Members
Step 1: To protect your account from abuse you must send your panorama to your secret upload address (get it in email preferences).
Step 2: Send your panorama as an attachment to this secret address. Only one panorama per email may be sent. 
Step 3: Your panorama will be automatically published and you will receive a link to it.

Email Format
 SenderThis must be your account's registered address on 360Cities
 SubjectTitle of the panorama
 AttachmentThe panorama file, jpeg only, 1 panorama per email, there might be a maximum attachment size that your email provider allows. For example gmail has the limit of 25 megabytes. Please make sure your file contains GPS data. If it does not you will need to go to your account and fix it manually.        
 RecipientYour secret upload address or if you are creating a new 360Cities account
 BodyDescription of the panorama ending with @@@. This tells us that the description is a meaningful text and not just garbage or your email signature. Everything before @@@ will be considered as a description.
 You can even set tags by adding another @@@ characters. Now everything between the first set and the second set of @@@ characters will be treated as a coma-separated list of tags. See example email below.

Sample email

Attached: yourpanorama.jpg
This is me and my family having a good time near the lake.
tag1, tag2, tag3, tag4
your email signature (will be ignored)


I've forgotten my secret upload address when on the go. Is there a way to get it via email?
Yes! Simply send a blank email to and we will respond with your secret address. Alternatively you can find it in your account's email preferences.

I got "Email Upload Error - Message Not Sent To Secret Address" message. What does it mean?
You sent your panorama to or and therefore your submission was not accepted. In order for your account to be protected from spam and abuse you must use your secret email address, which you can get in your account's email preferences.

Feedback welcome!
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