Performing Advanced Stunts

You are viewing the Become 360Cities Ninja guide, Performing Advanced Stunts chapter. Here we'll show you the not so obvious features and settings in your account and teach you some pretty nice tricks every 360Cities Ninja must master.

Use FTP and email to upload panoramas

Part 2: Become better
Replace (swap) a panorama with a new one, when you want to improve the old one but don't want to manually recreate all metadata like location, heading, name and tags

Hide your panoramas by making them unlisted

Part 4: Become hero
Turn on the portfolio viewing mode

Behave on Wikipedia

Part 6: Become great
Get a PLUS Account and teach your account good new tricks

Part 7: Become rich
Offer your panoramas for licensing

Part 8: Become [have your say]
Let us know what the trick #8 should be - thanks! :)

Part 9: Become informed
Keep track of what's happening on 360Cities using the What's New.

Help your fellow 360Cities members with their questions in our Help Forum (or ask questions of your own)

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