Becoming a 360Cities Ninja

You are viewing the Mastering 360Cities guide, a most advanced chapter about Becoming a 360Cities Ninja. This chapter will show you the most advanced tricks on using 360Cities, explain how to boost your portfolio and of course your fame.

Expert members don't need to wait for their images to be reviewed for 360Cities. More info

Trick 2: Become a PRO!
Publish panoramas promoting businesses, name your account according your business, get top priority review and turn off ads. More info

Turn off ads next to your panoramas and profile page or get 100% of the ad revenue. More info

All PRO account holders with a reviewed account can appear in our "Find a Photographer" section on our site and can be contacted by clients directly via this page. More info

Trick 5: Publish some business panoramas
PRO and COMPANY accounts can upload panoramas promoting a business. More info

PRO and COMPANY accounts have the TOP priority in the review queues for 360Cities and Google Earth. More info

PRO and COMPANY accounts can do this. More info

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