Panoramas that are selected for 360Cities can will also eventually appear in Nokia devices. There is no extra review process happening for Nokia so all panoramas that are selected for 360Cities are also automatically selected for Nokia. This includes all business panoramas.

Are you waiting too long for your panorama to be reviewed?
Get a paid account to support our review team. Paid accounts have a higher priority in the review queue (PRO and COMPANY accounts have the top priority). We guarantee the review for all paid account panoramas within 7 days but usually this happens within 1-2 days!
Learn more about the review process.

How long does it take before my panoramas appear in Nokia?
Currently we haven't established regular synchronization intervals with Nokia servers.

Can a panorama be changed (moved on map, its title or description edited or switched with a new image) after it has been published to Nokia? 
Yes but it will have to be reviewed again which could result in disappearing from Nokia temporarily. Learn how to upload a better version of your panorama.

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