Out of This World Panoramas

1- What is an “Out of this world” panorama?

This feature is for panoramas that normally wouldn't qualify for the 360Cities public content layer either because they are are animated, have exaggerated special effects, are computer-generated, are artistically imperfect, or don’t realistically represent a geographic location on earth. Many of these images can be interesting, artistic, experimental etc. and we want to provide a proper home for them.

2- Examples of “Out of this world” panoramas

3- Who can upload “Out of this world” panoramas?

Any 360Cities member can upload an “Out of this world” panorama.

4- What are the differences between “Out of this world” panos and normal panos?

- they are not displayed on the 360Cities map

- they will only show arrows and thumbnails pointing to other “Out of this world” panos

- they are not included in our Google Earth layer

5- I want to publish an “Out of this world” pano. What do I have to do?

Click the “Out of this world pano” 
check box in the dialogue that appears when the panorama is uploading.
Your panorama will then be reviewed for the “Out of this world” category.


6- How can I view some “Out of this world” images?
The best way to do this is to type "@tags out_of_this_world" in the search box. You
can also view Editors' picks and most popular panos in the Out of this world area.