PLUS Account

360Cities PLUS account allows you to add great features to your account.

The tasty treats include:

View your portfolio in a new way
- Switch any pano of yours to Portfolio Viewing mode and only your panoramas will be visible as arrows to nearby panoramas. Share this view with others!
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Get your images reviewed faster for 360Cities and Google Earth
Our priority review queue guarantees that we’ll review all your images within 7 days. PRO account panos have highest priority.
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Unlist your panoramas
Are you shy? Mark your image as unlisted and it will not show publicly on our site, not even in your profile. You can still share the URL with others.
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Organize your panoramas in Sets
Create as many Sets as you want: select some panoramas and create a Set about a business, your holidays or a trip.

Advanced statistics
We show embedding statistics for all users (a report of how many times and where each of your panoramas has been embedded and viewed). If you have a PLUS account or you are an Expert member, though, we also show Facebook and Google Earth statistics so you can see how many views your panoramas have on these sites.

To get a PLUS account or to review our complete list of 360Cities plans and features, take a look at our plans & pricing page.

This article is a part of Mastering 360Cities guide, Performing Advanced Stunts chapter.