PRO Account

360 Cities PRO accounts are designed for professional panorama photographers who want to use 360 Cities for business purposes. 

How many people can share one PRO account?
One account is for one person only. Contracted photographers and employees need to purchase their own PRO account. Please consider upgrading to a COMPANY account if you need to use the PRO account features in your group or organization.

What is the difference between PRO and COMPANY account?
The PRO and COMPANY accounts have the same set of features. The COMPANY account allows you to set different passwords for up to 3 additional account users. The PRO account can only be used by one person.

What happens when my PRO or COMPANY account expires?
When you PRO/COMPANY account expires you will again become a free account, or you can downgrade to PLUS.
As a result:
- You won't be able to publish new panoramas that promote a business
- All your panos that promote a business will get unpublished
Note: If you embedded a panorama commercially and paid your licensing fee before April 2011 you are entitled to keep your embed working even after your PRO account expires. However, if you downgrade, all your business panoramas will get unpublished. To prevent this, we will need to mark them as not business. Please let us know as soon as possible to make sure we do all the necessary changes in time and your embeds keep working.