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Embedding Panoramas in a Non-Commercial Website

What is the cost of embedding to a non-commercial website?
Embedding panoramas from 360 Cities in your website is free for non-commercial websites. 
Our "free" embedded panoramas are not to be used for the marketing or advertising purposes of another company. For other cases, you have to pay a licensing fee. We split 55% of the revenue with photographer. More information 

PRO Accounts - Can I embed my own panoramas to my client's commercial website?
Yes, this is available for free for all PRO accounts. More information

Is my site commercial?
If you have a personal blog, most likely it's not. To be sure please read the complete Terms & Conditions for embedding.

Can I embed my own panoramas to my own website?
We allow photographers to embed panoramas to their portfolio website.

Step-by-step guide to embed a panorama in a website
On most of our panoramas you will see a tab in the top left corner of the image which says "embed & share". Click on it.

You have to agree that you're not putting the panorama onto a commercial website

Then, simply copy and paste the code. It's as simple as embedding a youtube clip, and it's a great way to enrich your own pages.