Using FTP to Upload Panoramas

Login details to your personal 360 Cities FTP account can be found in your ftp settings. You can use any FTP program (we strongly recommend Filezilla) to send files to the server. You can also use email to upload panoramas to 360Cities.

Please remember: Even if you upload your files via FTP, they must still follow the guidelines.
- for example we allow only standard UTF8 characters in the filename (examples of characters not allowed: ü, á, ě, etc.)

We had many reports of FTP not working only to find out later that the user forgot to set up the ftp connection properly.

1. Username and Password
Be sure to copy the login name/password very carefully - people have complained that it doesn't work, but they were not copying the info correctly. 

2. Binary and ACTIVE Transfer
Mare sure you set the FTP client properly (you should use binary transfer, not ASCII, and you should use ACTIVE transfer mode, not PASSIVE). Otherwise it will not work.

3. Firewall Exceptions / Connection Timeouts
When the connection starts fine and then times out on directory listing, you are probably having a problem with your firewall or modem. Make sure your FTP program is in the exceptions list of your firewall (e.g. Windows firewall). Also make sure the exceptions are not made only on the private network but also on the public one - the network you are using to connect to the internet. Often your firewall will block an important port for the ftp to work properly.

4. Try a different computer
Try connecting from a completely different computer. If it works, you know the problem is somewhere in your machine.

5. Try a different physical location
Sometimes your internet service provider blocks the kind of traffic and ports to make our FTP working properly. To make sure that's not the case, please try your friend's computer or your office at work or some completely other physical location with a different internet provider.

6. Double check your server name, login and password again.
We mean it. You cannot believe how many times we discovered that people copied the info incorrectly.

To see the status of your uploaded files, check the "uploader.log" file in your FTP directory. For each file you upload, it tells you what the server did with it and why. After your files are uploaded successfully, they will be deleted from the FTP directory.

Make sure that the panoramas you upload comply with requirements for uploaded panoramas.

You can also upload your panoramas using the web upload form which is easier for uploading just one or two images, or by sending email which is the best way to upload panoramas from your mobile and tablet devices.

This article is a part of Mastering 360Cities guide, Performing Advanced Stunts chapter.