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My panorama was not selected for 360Cities

The review team has looked at your panorama and didn't select it for a public promotion on 360Cities.
Your panorama now shows 360Cities status: Not selected or Joker in the list of panoramas in your account.

What should I do now that my panorama was not selected?
1. Don't panic! It can happen and it's not the end of the world! :) Not everything has to be selected for 360Cities! 
2. Your panorama can still be viewed and shared. The only downside is that it's not promoted via our map, search and nearby panoramas.
3. Read the Quality Section in the Requirements for Uploaded Panoramas again to learn how to get your panorama promoted.
4. Post questions in our Help Forum if you need help with 360Cities or with your panoramas or if you are convinced that we made a mistake. 

What are jokers? (FREE accounts only)
Jokers are panoramas that are not selected for 360Cities that you can still share and display in your profile.
- FREE accounts can have up to 1000 jokers
- PLUS account (or higher paid accounts) holders can have unlimited number of jokers

What does the 1000 joker limit for FREE accounts really mean?
You can always upload as many panoramas selected for 360Cities to your account as you want. However, the panoramas not selected for 360Cities will count as jokers. If you are out of your 1000 jokers you will not be able to publish more panoramas not selected for 360Cities. To publish more you will need to do one of the following:
1. Unpublish the panoramas acting as your current jokers
2. Get a paid account with unlimited jokers
3. Get your panoramas selected for 360Cities. The number of panoramas is not limited in the FREE account. It's only the number of panoramas that are not selected that we limit. That's our take on keeping the quality level high on 360Cities.

I've improved my panorama. Is it possible to upload a better version?
Yes, it is possible via the Swap feature.