What's New on 360Cities

Organize your panoramas in Sets and share them with your family, friends and customers. You can create as many Sets as you want.

                      PRO Embedding 
The cost of embedding panoramas is included in the PRO membership for panoramas you would like to embed in your clients' websites.
You’ll enjoy the PRO embed which means that your embedded panoramas won’t show ads or thumbnails and arrows pointing to nearby panoramas.

                            Maestro Badge
        We’ve just launched a new MAESTRO badge recognizing a select group of photographers for their 
                      exceptional contribution to the 360Cities Panoramic World. The MAESTRO badge will be displayed right  
                      next to the EXPERT badge next to the photographer’s name. We’ll be updating the MAESTRO list on a
                      regular basis. If you have ambitions of becoming a 360Cities MAESTRO, you can contact one or more of 
                      them for inspiration – the easiest way to approach them is via the comments feature on the panorama 
                      pages. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the MAESTROs!

Comments in panoramas pages 
Anyone can comment in any panorama. You just have to scroll down on any panorama page and you will find a dedicated space where you can leave ideas, suggestions,and thoughts. Learn more.
                      Get notified! it is possible for you to receive an email notification when a first comment is made to any of 
                      your panoramas. By opting in, you will avoid missing comments made to your panos.    
           Expert Badge


         The badge is displayed by your name on your profile page. We want to thank you for working hard on your            
         beautiful panoramas and for making 360Cities web a beautiful window to the world. 
                      You can be an Expert if you consistently publish panoramas that meet 360Cities’ requirements. Learn more

Email Uploads
You can now upload jpeg panoramas to 360Cities simply using email. This complements the current web upload and ftp upload options. The email upload option is the best and the most convenient choice for uploading from mobile and tablet devices. Panoramas are automatically published! Learn More

360Cities Now Live on Nokia Phones in 81 Countries

We are thrilled to announce that after months of preparation and close cooperation with Nokia, 360Cities is now live on Nokia Symbian devices in 81 countries. This opens a new distribution channel to all 360Cities photographers, whose panoramas will be seen by millions of Nokia device users. Learn More


Search for Editors' Picks
You can now search for Editors' Picks and see the list of all of the very best 360Cities panoramas in one place. This allows linking to awesome content of certain types (e.g. underwater panoramas) or by a particular author. Try to invent your own searches for interesting content!

Your profile appears as the first result in a search for your name
When you now search for somebody's name on 360Cities, we will show a link to their profile page as the first result, followed by panoramas by that photographer.

New language selector in footer

When you first visit 360Cities we select the default language for you based on your browser/OS settings. Up until now it was cumbersome to switch to a different language. Now you can switch to a new language using the language bar.

New bubbles on the homepage 
Our homepage now includes new bubbles that will point you to pages and panoramas of interest, including Editors' Picks, various gigapixel panoramas, 360Cities' World Map and the Recent Activity page.

Original Files Backup and Restore
Retrieve your original uploaded panoramas in case you lose them. We keep secure backups for all accounts, but are only able to restore files for PRO accounts due to the cost in time necessary needed to retrieve the files.
Learn more on the blog Learn how to retrieve your files

Advanced Search and Newest First
Our Advanced Search now allows you to search for a phrase, search for tags, panos made by a specific author or any combination of those. The newest panoramas are now displayed first in the search. Your newest uploads will also get more attention this way!
Learn more on the blog

Get Hired for Photography Jobs
360Cities lists all photographers that are available for hire on the Find a Photographer page. Here you can easily find the photographers available for hire by country they are based in. 

PRO Members: Choose NO ADS, or 100% of ad revenue
We understand that for our PRO members, every little thing helps to make a good impression. When you showcase your work to an important customer, when you're closing a sale, or when you simply want to impress people with your work, you want their full, undivided attention on your images. So that's why we've decided to give our PRO account holders a choice: turn off all ads next to your panoramas and profile pages, or leave the ads and keep the revenue for yourself. It's up to you. Learn more

PRO account badges on image pages and other pages on the site
We have added PRO account badges to all names of PRO and COMPANY members on the site. Now you can show a proof that you are a professional photographer on 360Cities! The badge looks like this:  

Panorama title and author credits clearly visible on panorama pages
We have now made sure the title of a panorama, the area in which it is published and author credits are clearly visible on all panorama pages. The new title window also includes icons for easy sharing. Learn more about panorama pages or Read blog post

Check out the number of views for each panorama
No need to hide it! We now have the number of views on all panorama pages displayed publicly in the lower right-hand corner. This allows everybody to see how many times each image has been viewed. Learn more

Get top priority review for Google Earth 
Our priority review queue available to all paid accounts guarantees that we'll review all your images within 7 days. This gets your panoramas published on 360cities.net and Google Earth as soon as possible. PRO images have highest priority, then PLUS, then FREE. Learn more

Publish non-spherical and lower quality panoramas
Now you can publish any panorama on 360Cities. Do you have a low quality panorama that is precious to you? Do you have a partial panorama? Or a non-spherical pano? Such panos won't be publicly promoted on 360Cities after our review, but they will be shown in your profile and you can share them. Available to all paid accounts, free accounts can publish 4 such panoramas. Learn more

Unlist your panoramas
Are you shy? Mark your image as unlisted and it will not show publicly on our site - not even in your profile. You can still share the URL with others. This is a great way to upload a panorama on 360Cities that you want to keep private. Available to all paid accounts. Learn more 

View your portfolio
Switch any pano of yours to Portfolio Viewing mode and only your panoramas will be visible as arrows to nearby panoramas in panorama pages. Share this view with others! Available to all paid accounts. 

PLUS account 
The new PLUS account allows you to do many new things with 360Cities! These new features have automatically been added to PRO accounts as well. Unlist your panoramas, publish non-spherical images, get your images reviewed faster and view your portfolio in a new way. Learn more

Mobile support: iPhone, iPad and Android
You can view all panoramas published on 360cities.net on the iPad and iPhone. Android devices work as well. There is no special app to be downloaded, just point your internet browser in your device to a panorama page to see the panorama. Learn more

360Cities is now a part of the default layer in Google Earth
Big news. We are in the new "photos" layer in Google Earth. We are the little red squares. And the best news is that the photo layer is switched "on" by default in Google Earth! Learn more about 360Cities in Google Earth or See the blog post.

360Cities now available from Wikipedia
360cities can now be reached in 2 mouse clicks from ALL pages on wikipedia which have geo coordinates. For example, if you go to this page you'll see some geo coordinates on the top right of the page. Click on that. Then scroll down to the "photos" section. There is a link to our map page, at the same geo coordinates. This is another good sign that 360cities is becoming a good global resource that is useful to the general public.

Faster panorama loading and server upgrade
We have changed a few small things in the way that panos load and did a major upgrade of the server infrastructure. Our pages now load a number of times faster even during traffic spikes. Enjoy!

Publish panoramas intended to promote a business
PRO members can publish "business" panoramas, i.e. images that clearly promote a business. This is very useful for promoting your customers' sites: hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, shops, etc. Learn more  

PRO Accounts: Company name in your account name
You work as a PRO, now you can name yourself as a PRO on your 360Cities pages for everyone to see. Learn more

Presenting PRO Accounts
After weeks of development we have launched 360Cities PRO accounts! PRO accounts holders can have a company name in their account name and publish panoramas intended to promote a business. Read all about it here: http://www.360cities.net/pro

See what's happening on 360Cities via the recent activity page
The new 360Cities "Recent Activity" page contains REAL TIME updates on what's going on at 360Cities: new panos published, new members, new areas, new embeds, and so on. It's a fun new way to check out what's going on. See recent activity

Show yourself on a new author profile page
We've relaunched the profile page to show more nicely your recent and features panoramas, your bio and of course your profile photo! :) Example profile