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How To Behave On Wikipedia

Please read this page to understand what we want you to consider before you start adding any links to pages on Wikipedia.

1. When in doubt, don't add a link
Wikipedia is not a place for personal promotion or a promotion of anything else.

2. Add value
Make sure that your info / link improves the article. Don't add any link or information which isn't helpful or relevant to a Wikipedia page.

3. Only one link per page
Put ONLY ONE link to any website in the "external links" section of a wikipedia page.

4. Don't fool anyone
WE promise, you won't fool the editors who "own" the page you are editing. If the link is relevant, then add it. If it's not relevant (or maybe if you put it FIRST on the "external links" section when it's not really the most important external link) then it will be removed. If you put a lot of links that end up getting removed, we are IN DANGER OF GETTING BLACKLISTED AGAIN. So, behave yourself, and be honest with your behavior.

5. Don't be a "keyword whore"
Keyword whores stick out like a sore thumb, and will invite Wikipedia editors to delete your edits or blacklist us again. Just write your link, and the most suitable descriptive text for the link.

6. Be slow

Remember that we can blacklisted because a person puts too many links on Wikipedia. Don't do this, please. Think before you link!

Thanks, and have fun!

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